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Elfreda Anenih

General Manager

About Us

Purpfluence is a full-service Influencer marketing and talent management company founded by Marketing strategist, Elfreda Anenih in 2019 with the aim to connect brands to the right influencers.

 “The world has changed so much and the digital space has been very welcoming to influencers who have built cult following of genuine audience that care about the content they create and everything they are associated with. Brands can now select influencers that are relevant to their industry and with that can leverage on the wide following of these influencers”

Purpfluence has a well-equipped and creative team and even if we have thousands of influencers to work with or a global campaign, we trust our team to see it from start to finish and achieve results

Creative Strategy

We design creative strategies to execute with the influencers

Talent Management

We manage influencers from all categories and scout creators to join our purp community

Content creation

We execute content creation for brands

Paid Amplification

We design creative strategies to execute with the influencers

Campaign management

We manage influencers from all categories and scout creators to join our purp community


We see the end to end of every campaign, from liaising with influencers to ensuring all strategies are executed
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Strategy Phase

Our Team comes up with result driven marketing plans that combine best-in-class tactics with the Wide reach of our Talent network

Influencer Identification

From our Exhaustive portfolio of influencers globally we identify and vet all influencers before sharing with our clients for approval

Campaign Take-Off

Our team sits down with our clients to review the campaign road map collaboratively

Influencer Communication

Purpfluence handles all influencer communications and agreements saving our clients the stress of talking to thousands of influencers and negotiating with them

Take an action

An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intentions

Team Member

Geraldine Dyer

Content Creator

Geraldine Dyer


Our Client

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Purpfluence was founded to give influencers an opportunity to earn from the creative content they put out on a daily basis and for brands to connect with their audiences by reaching the right influencers.

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